Students' International Relations Cell

The Students' International Relations Cell works alongside the Office of International Relations, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. The Cell takes pride in organising various events like Foreign Training Program (FTP), Semester Away Program (SAP), Student Exchange Program (SEP) and many more.

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About SIRC

We offer the students of Indian Institute of Kharagpur numerous opportunities regarding foreign training and spending semesters in universities across the world.


We are working towards innovation. We feed on ideas and turn them into reality at the Institute level. Taking new initiatives and working on every individual’s idea is something that makes us unique.

International Semester Exchange Program

Exchange of students between IIT Kharagpur and foreign institutes for a semester or two to have an enriching experience of studying in a foreign university while paying the fees of their respective host institutes.

Foreign Training Portal

Launch of a unique portal facilitating the process of getting foreign internships.


The Students' International Relations Cell Newsletter is an initiative to summarize all the open International Scholarships and competitions along with Indo-X Grants that are available for professors.

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QS Ranking

One of the main goals of SIRC is to improve the QS Ranking of IIT Kharagpur and make our institute standout in the world.

Foreign Training

SIRC provides a gateway for KGPians to apply for foreign training in their dream universities abroad thus providing them foreign exposure.

International Students

SIRC coordinates with the international students, guides them and be their point of contact throughout their stay in IIT Kharagpur.



Foreign Training Portal

As an Institute of Eminence, IIT Kharagpur contributes to global development through its mission of producing industry ready, academically strong and intellectually competent graduates, capable of leading and adapting to the ever-changing needs of society. Another step in this direction is the unique opportunity to spend research-extensive summers, working under eminent professors and universities abroad, that Foreign Training Program brings to undergraduates. Through this program we have started formalisation of the foreign training application procedure, with the aim of streamlining and increasing the efficiency of the procedure. Thus, bringing more cross-cultural work exposure and opportunities to students.

Foreign Training Panel Discussion

IIT Kharagpur being a land of opportunities has something for every soul. Among the plethora of opportunities that an IIT provides is a Foreign Internship. Foreign Internship is something which undoubtedly sounds out of reach and the cloud of uncertainty blinds us from seeking innumerable opportunities. Foreign Training Panel Discussion(FTPD) provides a path to clear all your doubts and misconceptions related to it by the opportunity of interacting with the KGPians who have interned at prestigious universities abroad. This not only provides insightful views on FTP but also helps you in creating an actionable plan for the year ahead.

Hult Prize

IIT Kharagpur provides a lot of grounds of opportunities for students to grow and develop as per the need of time. Hult Prize is the most prestigious group of driven, like-minded students, offering unparalleled opportunities and resources. Meet the team of passionate leaders bringing this global program to our university. As we have participation on a large scale it helps in bringing more cross-cultural work exposure and opportunities to students.

Hult Prize


India has a lot of different cultures within itself. Through Dyuti we promote the culture of India which is unity in diversity. The centre of attraction of this event being the Illumination fest which is more popularly known as Illu. This event is organised in the period of Diwali. You will learn how you can empower the disadvantaged population in your country by developing indegeneous rural technology, how you can make healthcare technologies more affordable for larger masses in your country, thus adding value to others’ lives.


Office of International Relations, IIT Kharagpur gives various opportunities to students to pursue their dream of education abroad. SAP is a program in which students are given the opportunity to pursue one semester in a university abroad. This allows them to get exposure to new universities and make global connections which helps them grow both personally and professionally. SEP is another program offered for the same. This is an exchange program between two universities in which a student covers a funded short-term visit to another university and vice versa.

MS/PhD Panel Discussion

IIT KGP provides students with impeccable avenues to explore and lets you identify your passion by getting exposure to innumerable fields. The research groups, academic curriculum, internships, and projects help you to identify your research aptitude and discover research areas. This programme gives you an help in your way to clear all your doubts relating to seeking higher education through the opportunity of interacting with the KGPians by knowing their involvement and experience in getting chosen for their ambitious foreign university.




What the students have to say!

Our Team

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Samay Sawal

General Secretary

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Anurag Gupta

General Secretary

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Akshat Agarwal


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Ashish Thakur


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Smarak Kanjilal


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Ojas Modak


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Shantanu Yadav


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Archana Satapathy


Our Previous Executive Team


Yash Saraswat

Purva Agrawal

Samarth Singh

Satyam Verma

Nishakar Kumar

Nabhya Khoria

Mohd Arsalan

Nikitha Bobbary

Rishan Joshua D'Silva


Kamal Kyal

Mansi Uniyal

S.S.S Vardhan

Nishita Tripathy

Snehal Swadhin

Shreya Khare

Ranabir Basu

Tushan Kumar Singh


Rishabh Srivastava

Sankalp Srivastava

Krushnasis Pradhan

Suman Kumari

Shubhraja Gauraha

Akshay Chordia

Kirtan Mali


Annanya Singh

Parth Gupta

Divyam Sharma

Digvijay Anand

Hariharan Ravichandran

Meher Changlani

Anshul Choudhary

Vishvesh Pandya

Bhalchandra Patil


Manthan Doshi

Ritik Chachan

Ayush Sinha

Prachi Agrawal

Sudhir Singh Bhadouria

Raj Kishor

Tarun Kumar

Rohan Dodrajka

Manmohan Sandhu

Pushpendra Singh Champawat


Raj Kolamuri

Shubham Srivastava

Shubham Arora

Siddharth Saharan

Navya Mokmod

Tyss Santosh

Vivek Yadav

Aditya Bhandari


Asish Koruprolu

Bhanu Gupta

Harshit Chahal

Devanand Kedia

Anshul Kharb

Shubham Singh

Umang Kumar

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